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"Searcher" is mainly a title that involves each and every one of us. I think we spend so much time searching for something or someone to be that we don't take the time to let ourselves be who we are. We live in a world of false identities and false hope, and we cling on to every meaningless possession that is revolving around us, whether it be social media, the news, politics, fashion, etc. In a country controlled by so few we live like sheep amongst the wolves, we live in fear of our own kind, in fear of our own system and in fear of ourselves. I want Searcher to be each listener and readers own story, because it speaks volumes for all of us as individuals, and when you are done reading and listening you will have your own opinion of what "Searcher" meant to you. To us "Searcher" represents our thoughts of how humanity has begun a true fall and what actions it must take to become what it truly has the potential to be, so basically "Searcher" means we are searching for a better world and a better us. We really hope you enjoy this album as much as we enjoyed creating it and we truly look forward to all of your feedback and sharing more with you in the the future.


released August 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Worldeater New Bedford, Massachusetts

We're a group of people that come from New Bedford, Taunton and Rhode Island. We come together to write you some of the catchiest, brutal, intricate metal we can think of. We hope you enjoy it and come out to a show!

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Track Name: Anarchy
We are the violent ones / we are the violent ones / we are the violent ones / we are Anarchy / inject the chaos / the pathogen of our disease / inject the chaos / the pathogen of our disease.
Track Name: Death From Above
Death from Above
I have opened my eyes to the world / only to see this creation / I lie here lost in eradication / searching for existence / slaves to the system / corruption lives in the air that we breath / and with control there comes a cost / don't you see we're living in hell / guilty as our conscience / contradiction in all that we see / agony distorts our senses / now the blind lead the weak / we are not in control / are we all defenseless / so while we hold ourselves so high / we dare to challenge the weight of the world/ soon we will be our own demise / our fragile minds are the seeds of infection / are we just waiting to die / open your eyes / reveal yourself / you are the one in the crowd/ who wears a hollow crown/ who bears the hollow crown / in this vague reality / there is no remorse / only death from above / only death from above / only death from above.
Track Name: The Taker
Taker/ is this what you wanted/ to reveal/ dehumanization of mankind/

The patterns are changing before us/ as we kill our own kind/ this systems a failure/ to embrace this design

We hold our life in our hands/ and exist/ in gravity/ through endless cycles/ the truths haunting/ the entity of what we’ve become/ burning/ inside of us/ this deep possession/ is living

We won’t sleep/ not for days/ we just hide/ the devils inside/ YOU
An overwhelming force/ in you/ has slowly been taking over
Do you remember a time/ where you felt so alive/ do you remember a time?

Take us from/ this darkness
In our chest it beats/on and on/ in our chest it beats/ on and on/ forever
Now is the time/ to release/ all the hate/ deep inside/ the world has made us blind

Within every single motion/ we must retrieve/ the part we left behind
Track Name: The Giver
Here we are all waiting to die. Lifeforms of dust evolving inside. To think we'd ever make a difference. To think we'd have a chance to change existence. Inside, tell me what do you see in the mirror? Is it your reflection? Or an image of someone you used to be. The answers we seek are around us, just open your eyes. And you can discover the true meaning of life. As we move this world, destiny surrounds us. Set these gears in motion. Reconnect our minds. Disengage the hatred that controls our lives. Step into the darkest of minds. We must escape to a place we all know. We must react to prove where alive. React. Restore. Reveal. Reality. Give us a sign!
Track Name: Breach
Standing all alone, I lost my faith so long ago. Living with this fear keeps me alive / give me a chance to survive.
(Last time it says we all need to survive)
We share the same disease / we are all born children of humanity / and as we wither away in the darkness / we pull ourselves underneath / oh I can see it in their eyes / these fuckers lie through their teeth / I'm so sick of the sight/ I'm so sick of us giving up / if we want justice we have a voice/ so get the fuck up and speak/ we're moving even closer/ trying to find a place to call home/ we're moving even closer/ trying to find a place we call home/ is this the final judgment/ or what we perceive/ a superficial knowledge/ those who breach the surface/ buried alive in their hollow graves/ left alone in this world/ and they will make us pay/ the light will never find us/ somewhere between our eyes/ there lies a better place/ can we escape/ reality/ now close your eyes/ imagine such a place/ underneath blue skies/ where the sun stays awake/ the dark will never find us/ the light will never fade. Just bury me alive